by elisaspinellophotography

There’s just something about photography and portraiture that makes my creativity run wild. I am constantly inspired and have many ideas circling around in my head. I love that I am able to let out my creative juices and make it come to life.
With the help of some wonderful people in my life, they allow me to experiment and work some magic on them.

A little while back I worked on a series called; Reflections.
Let me tell you, it was a challenge alright, I went in with this idea, after coming across an image here and there, and fell in love – I then decided that it was something I wanted to recreate and try for myself.

The day I decided to shoot this series, I was finishing up another series called; Beauty. Because my lovely models wanted to model for reflections as well, we tackled it the same night. Very long, late and tiring night.

Before working on a creative series, I like to do my research and gain as much knowledge and insight as I possibly can – but not with this one. I knew what “Reflections” I wanted to use, but how I was going to get that to work was a whole different situation.

I had the basic idea down, but perfecting it and getting it right was the hard part. The angle, the intensity, the focus, and so on and so forth. There were many times where both myself and my models wanted to give up because it had already been a long enough day of shooting and it was just getting way to late for any of us. But just as we were about to throw down the gloves, it all came together and I ended up with some wonderful shots I am happy with.

Behind The Scenes *

Here are a few shots from my series: Reflections.
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