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Month: October, 2016


I’ve been working on this project for a few months now. I’ve been capturing different people, different smiles, in different places. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to launch this project, and what better day than World Smile Day? I’ve launched the project on my facebook page, you can head on over there to check it out. Spread the love, spread the project.

A smile is a simple facial expression that we use in our everyday lives. Every smile is unique. It holds meanings or can tell a story that differ from each person. A smile is worth a million words. Whether it shows a form of happiness, joy, sadness, reassurance, etc. Smiles are a mood booster that works towards yourself and others. It’s contagious – whether it’s sincere or fake, smiling has hormonal and psychological self medicating results. A smile just might make someones day, which makes us feel like better human beings in the long run.

When someone smiles, I smile in return, and there’s one constant question that pops into my head, “I wonder what is making them smile.”

I’ve started this project to showcase different smiles to show how different people are. To justify how the simplicity and complexity of a single smile differs from person to person. To show that there is a reason for everything. To show us not to judge one another, because behind that smile, there’s something much deeper and meaningful that you’re not aware of. Different things make different people smile, and I wanted to showcase that with the world with the help of these wonderful human beings.
Smile at someone, it doesn’t hurt. It may brighten up their day!

Everyone is different, everyone is unique, everyone has a story.

Happy World Smile Day!




Fall Openings!

Hello everyone!

As the new season settles in and the leaves start changing colour, it gives us some wonderful photo opportunities.

There are still some fall bookings available for the season for both in studio and on location. Book now!