Strawberry Moon

by elisaspinellophotography

It was a cloudy, grey night, with no moon in sight.
We still hopped into the truck and started driving with the hopes that something would appear. We live in a recently named “city” so we drove about a half hour or more up north with the hopes that we would find the Strawberry moon there. The Strawberry moon is also known as the June full moon. This year, it was also a rare Summer Solstice Full moon.
After some time driving around, as we were about to give up hope, there she was, shining bright.
It was gorgeous.

I excitedly jumped out of the truck to pull out my tripod and set it all up to take some photographs, when I realized that I forgot my tripod mount at home. I made do, and tried to get some decent enough photos hand holding the camera and using some support to hold the motion.

They’re not the greatest photos, and although I was a little disappointed I couldn’t drive off without capturing this beauty!