Rembrandt Lighting

by elisaspinellophotography


For this photo series, I chose to take a more natural approach by taking simple portraits of different models. The lighting pattern that I used throughout this series is Rembrandt. Rembrandt lighting is a lighting technique that requires minimum studio equipment and is mainly used in studio photography. Rembrandt lighting creates a triangle under the eye, usually the side of the face that is less lit. It can easily be achieved by using one main light and a reflector.

While researching different themes and studio photographs, Rembrandt stood out to me because I feel like it gives the image emotion and mood. Although I normally enjoy expressing this through bold colours in my shoots, I wanted to keep this one simpler side. I wanted to show a different side of expression, since not everyone is bold and out there. Everyone does things at their own pace, at their own comfort, in their own way, and simple enough, not everyone expresses themselves for everyone to see.

When photographing a series, I personally like to change models throughout so that the series gives you more variety that showcases different personalities, comfort zones, and emotions. Although I tried to maintain the same type of portraits throughout they are all different and unique in their own way.

I am happy with the way this series turned out. I worked with some new models, male and females, and different skin complexions, which I think gives the series a nice variation. In doing this it gave me some more insight on how everyone is different, and how they each like different things. What is comfortable for one model may not be for the other. I learned a lot from this shoot, which for sure has given me direction and knowledge on what I need to focus and achieve to become the best photographer I can be.