Bold & Beautiful

by elisaspinellophotography

For this shoot I decided to explore a few different ideas that all revolve and share the same theme, boldness and expression within one’s self. Throughout these mini shoots, boldness and expression was done through make up, facial expressions, contrasts, fashion and poses. These shots were taken in studio, using a ring light, which I enjoy using very much.

Bold Tears.
Being bold and beautiful doesn’t always mean that things are going well or that you’re always happy.  We all crash and are overwhelmed at certain times, but that doesn’t make us any less beautiful. By being so creative and bold I decided to show that through watercolour make up, that create lines down her face, which shows the different emotions, through the colours of her tears.

After Dark.
Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Part of being bold and beautiful also means feeling comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to show that in this shoot. Body image is something that everyone struggles with at some point or throughout their whole life, but being able to overcome that and embrace the beauty within is pretty bold itself. In this mini shoot I used shapes, and contrast of dark and light.

Part of being bold and beautiful doesn’t always mean knowing what you want. In this shoot I wanted to use geometric shapes, which are created on her face using make up which shows the differences, the uniqueness and the abstractness of one’s personality. I used the contrast in this shoot to show the harmony and balance in life within all the chaos.