Dorothea Lange

by elisaspinellophotography

Dorothea Lange was an American photographer from 1895-1965 who was passionate about both art and literature. She grew up to become a great known Documentary Photographer and photojournalist from the 20th century who specialized in the great depression era for the FSA (Farm Security Administrator) and also in post-war years. She used interesting, unique and dramatic angles to capture inspiring, moving and campaigning images during these hard times. She photographed working men who worked on farms during the great depression and the suffering and struggles during that time.

Dorothea Lange’s documentary work was first exhibited in 1934 and received the Guggenheim Fellowship later in the 1940’s.
One of her most recognized piece of work is Migrant Mother which was shot in 1936.
It’s a powerful and famous photograph during the great depression which captured the hardship, struggles and desperation of a hungry mother and her small children.
Credit: Dorothea Lange 1936