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Month: February, 2016

Hazel Ejercito Interview

Hazel Ejercito is a first year student at Durham College studying Digital Photography. Hazel wants to become a freelance photographer and photojournalist. She wants to work for herself and sell her artistic services and products to others, as well as working for National Geographic magazine one day. She enjoys landscape photography the most and would like to pursue a career in the field. She wants to travel the world and capture all the beauty that the world has to offer and share it with others.

Landscape photography is a genre of photography that is composed of anything natural that is found outside in nature, such as scenery. Landscape photographers capture the natural beauty and state that the world has to offer. These wonderful images are shared with others who often take the beauty of the world and what it has to offer for granted. This type of photography is quite natural, since nature cannot be altered, changed or modifies as opposed to other photographic genres. These photographs require artistic ability from the photographer to be able to capture an interesting and effective photograph that stands out from all of the rest.

A popular trend in landscape photography is the use of textures. The use of texture in this genre of photography is used to create mood and emotion within the image that is being captured. Another way that mood and emotion can be shown in the photograph is by the creative use of dramatic lighting, interesting compositions and the use of bright, saturated colours that helps the image stand out.

The long exposure technique is also popular and is used to create texture and movement in landscape photography. It is used when photographing water to give it a realistic or smooth finish. It is used to produce reflections and to capture the natural movement of the environment which makes the photograph more realistic. Fast shutter speeds are also used to freeze the motion of the image and capture it as is in the moment.

A famous landscape photographer from the 20th century was Ansel Adams. He was a well-known American photographer famous for his black and white landscape photographs.
Ansel would travel in nature for months at a time and would get inspiration from exploring and studying his surroundings which would later on reflect in his work. He took the time to visualize and compose his images, deciding the proper angle and used a tripod to ensure that he would get sharp focus in his images. He used natural light and would control the lighting in his photos by adjusting his apertures and long exposures. He used different lenses to create various effects in his work. Ansel did everything himself, including developing hisown  film. He was an incredible, passionate photographer who went the extra mile to ensure his photographs were perfect, which resulted in beautiful photographs.

749px-Adams_The_Tetons_and_the_Snake_RiverThe Tetons and the Snake River (1942) by Ansel Adams

This helpful video includes 10 of the most important landscape shooting tips to achieve the most effective photograph. It includes examples and tips on the use of; focal point, tripods, subjects, lighting conditions, depth of field and more.


Bold & Beautiful

For this shoot I decided to explore a few different ideas that all revolve and share the same theme, boldness and expression within one’s self. Throughout these mini shoots, boldness and expression was done through make up, facial expressions, contrasts, fashion and poses. These shots were taken in studio, using a ring light, which I enjoy using very much.

Bold Tears.
Being bold and beautiful doesn’t always mean that things are going well or that you’re always happy.  We all crash and are overwhelmed at certain times, but that doesn’t make us any less beautiful. By being so creative and bold I decided to show that through watercolour make up, that create lines down her face, which shows the different emotions, through the colours of her tears.

After Dark.
Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Part of being bold and beautiful also means feeling comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to show that in this shoot. Body image is something that everyone struggles with at some point or throughout their whole life, but being able to overcome that and embrace the beauty within is pretty bold itself. In this mini shoot I used shapes, and contrast of dark and light.

Part of being bold and beautiful doesn’t always mean knowing what you want. In this shoot I wanted to use geometric shapes, which are created on her face using make up which shows the differences, the uniqueness and the abstractness of one’s personality. I used the contrast in this shoot to show the harmony and balance in life within all the chaos.

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange was an American photographer from 1895-1965 who was passionate about both art and literature. She grew up to become a great known Documentary Photographer and photojournalist from the 20th century who specialized in the great depression era for the FSA (Farm Security Administrator) and also in post-war years. She used interesting, unique and dramatic angles to capture inspiring, moving and campaigning images during these hard times. She photographed working men who worked on farms during the great depression and the suffering and struggles during that time.

Dorothea Lange’s documentary work was first exhibited in 1934 and received the Guggenheim Fellowship later in the 1940’s.
One of her most recognized piece of work is Migrant Mother which was shot in 1936.
It’s a powerful and famous photograph during the great depression which captured the hardship, struggles and desperation of a hungry mother and her small children.
Credit: Dorothea Lange 1936