Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

by elisaspinellophotography

This morning in social media class I discovered that the biggest photography festival is held in Toronto and the GTA. The Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival is held in various galleries and locations throughout the GTA every year.
The opening night will be held on April 27th, 2016 at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and most exhibits are free admission, which makes it easier and affordable for everyone to appreciate the artwork.

Although I have missed the deadline for entry to exhibit my own personal work for this year, I will be attending various gallery’s to indulge in the art and the beauty towards other photographer’s work. This is definitely something that I will be interested in entering the following year, 2017.

As a college student and a small photography business owner, publicity and starting to get my name out and noticed to potential clients is keen for a successful business. In social media class we are constantly talking about ways to promote ourselves on different sources of social media, and this would be a great way to promote yourself in person, and in a gallery environment.
I’m interested in this Photography festival event because I think that it’s a great way to exhibit your work to a wide audience, artists and photographers who share the same interests as you. It is also a good way to get your name out and noticed in the GTA. I also think that as an artist and photographer who has their own vision and different work styles it’s great to share your work with others who may enjoy it. 

6096_low_res_MG_8568_medLorenzo Vitturi – Dalston Anatomy – Contact 2015 – Primary Exhibition May 2- June 27


Ian Willms – The Road to Nowhere

For more information on this event, visit their website at: