Intimate Relationships

by elisaspinellophotography

These photographs are from a series I photographed in November 2015 called, “Intimate Relationships”.
I’ve been surrounded by different types of love all my life. I’ve grown up in a loving and supportive household which has taught me to do everything with love and kindness.

Love is everywhere – we’re surrounded by it daily. But I find that the love between two people is so beautiful, unique and intriguing in their own way. In this series, I wanted to capture the raw emotion, the natural beauty, love, connection and chemistry between two people and the simple passion that they share with one another.

The poses in these series are not posed or modified; they are natural behaviours between two lovers.

During the shoot, it took a little while longer than anticipated for the couples to get comfortable and adjusted to having the camera in front of them, but when they did, they acted like themselves and the results were pure magic. It was an honour to capture such beautiful moments.

8- intimate relationships