Crystal Head.

by elisaspinellophotography

Good morning,

Throughout the semester I’ve gained so much more knowledge on how to shoot different subjects and how to light them.

This assignment was a product shoot.
We had to choose one matte product, and one shiny.
Where classmates were choosing cereal boxes and metal objects, I wanted to challenge myself a little bit more.

I chose to photograph a clear Crystal Head Vodka bottle.
It was a challenge for sure, especially to get the bottle and the details in focus and placing the shadows in the right spot.

It was a session of trial and error, it did take a bit longer than anticipated. It was a learning experience and was thrilled with the finished piece.

Here it is!

1- Product

If you have any feedback please share your thoughts and criticism!

Take care! xo
Elisa Spinello (@ElisaSpinelloPhotography)