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Month: December, 2015

Cristina & Dave

A little while back I had the privilege to photograph a couple of my best friends.

They were my first couple to work with, and they were both great.

It’s incredible to see the love between two people and how they communicate with each other through their eyes and expressions.

Here’s a sneak peak photo..
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3- C&D

Pop Art

From my early high school days I’ve had such a fascination with Pop Art and Andy Warhol’s work – maybe it’s the bold, wild colours, maybe it’s the cartoon feel.
I’ve used pop art through some of my previous paintings and I’ve always wanted to incorporate it into a shoot.

For this Fashion assignment we were asked to choose a theme, and that was not hard for me to do. Since Pop Art was something I wanted to work on for a while, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I had this particular vision so I immediately contacted my models, started sketching, jotting notes and planning.
Within a few days I was in the studio and these are my top three photos.

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I had so much fun with this shoot. It’s a wonderful feeling having your vision come to life.

You can do anything you want, you just have to sit back, take a breath, start planning and make it happen!

Take care!
Elisa Spinello Photography

Crystal Head.

Good morning,

Throughout the semester I’ve gained so much more knowledge on how to shoot different subjects and how to light them.

This assignment was a product shoot.
We had to choose one matte product, and one shiny.
Where classmates were choosing cereal boxes and metal objects, I wanted to challenge myself a little bit more.

I chose to photograph a clear Crystal Head Vodka bottle.
It was a challenge for sure, especially to get the bottle and the details in focus and placing the shadows in the right spot.

It was a session of trial and error, it did take a bit longer than anticipated. It was a learning experience and was thrilled with the finished piece.

Here it is!

1- Product

If you have any feedback please share your thoughts and criticism!

Take care! xo
Elisa Spinello (@ElisaSpinelloPhotography)

8- mini sessions.jpg

Sneak Peak!

Hello all!

Earlier this week a few fellow photographers and I had the pleasure to work on a promotional shoot for a Canadian based company called Costume Rentals (http://costumerentals.ca/). The name is pretty basic and straight forward.

They offer costume rentals, party character rentals and more!

It was a learning experience, such a great opportunity and so much fun! Here is a sneak peak from on set!
0- sneak peak

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