Only 6 to go… will YOU help?

by elisaspinellophotography

Hello there!
So I feel that if I write something short and sweet, it might make me sound needy, and that’s not my intentions at all.. So I figured, I’ll give you a little story.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always with a camera in hand. Taking pictures here, taking pictures there –  of everything and anything that I would lay an eye on. I was young, didn’t give the future much thought. It hit me in 2006 at my cousins wedding. There was something about her Wedding photographer that really stuck with me. Maybe it was seeing the big camera’s and all the professional equipment, maybe it was the fact that he captures wonderful memories for people for a living.. I couldn’t really pin point and tell you exactly what it was.
Ever since that day, I’ve had my mind set on making it a profession. It’s something I love and have a passion for and cannot see myself committed to doing anything else!

Slowly during these past couple years I’ve been trying to get myself out there a little bit more. Figured social media would help me out to get a little more noticed. I created a blog, a flicker and facebook page and I will be soon working on my website.

My Photography facebook page is where I do most of my updating! I’m close to reaching 150 Likes. Hey, to me that’s a big-ish deal.
I’m only 6 likes away! So here I sit and write! Will you be one of the 6 to get me to 150??

Please, give my page a LIKE:

Hope you can help me out!

Have a Wonderful day 🙂