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Month: February, 2013

Dark Room.

One thing I love about photography is the dark room.
I loved taking photographs with a SLR film camera and having to later develop them on my own using the proper chemicals in the dark room. It gave me that anxious, exciting feeling. 

I had the privilege to experience doing so in Photography class in high school. I loved it. I could stay in the dark room for hours just developing pictures.
Having the photographs develop in front of my eyes gave me the feeling of accomplishment. It made the photograph that much more special, to me. I feel more satisfying knowing that I got to fully produce a photograph from start to finish.

I would love to one day have my own dark room in my house. It’s a dream that will one day, with time be accomplished. 

Here is one of my favourite photographs that I developed in the dark room. 



This photograph was taken with a 35mm SLR Camera in Downtown, Toronto.
It’s a photograph of The 1867 Cast Iron fence of Osgoode Hall. It’s found on the corner of University and Queen St. West. It’s beautiful, vintage and historic.. I just had to take a photograph, and it is now one of my favourites. 

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“The camera is …

“The camera is no more an instrument of preservation, the image is.” – Berenice Abbott

Lady In Red.

I recently uploaded photos onto my facebook page of a photoshoot that I did with one of my good friends, Melissa.

Here’s one of the photos from the shoot.

You can check out the rest at: http://www.facebook.com/elisaspinellophotography .. give the page a LIKE too 🙂


This past summer, on August 12th, 2012 I went to the Bernice Abbott exhibit at the AGO in Toronto. It was an exhibit that I could not miss. I went with my mom and it was literally like I stepped into heaven. Abbott is one of my favourite photographers from the 1930’s. To be given […]

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know. A little late, eh? Better late than never.

Quite a bit has been going on with Elisa Spinello Photography. Life has gotten too busy, which explains why I haven’t been posting, like I promised.

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Have a good day. xo 🙂